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                          Harper Grace at 3 months (she is now 7 months!)

                          Harper Grace at 3 months (she is now 7 months!)

Hi All!!!  Or really hi to my family and friends that are probably the only ones reading this as I'm still such an amateur :)

It has been almost 8 months since my last blog post (ouch!).  When I last wrote (May 8th) I was in full nesting mode getting ready for my newborn daughter to arrive!  You can see before/after pictures of the nursery here.  

I started working from home two weeks before I was due.  I was really uncomfortable, stressed and in need of some R&R time as I had quite the anxiety anticipating the delivery process.  Two weeks working from home turned into 3 and talking to my doctor about a plan to induce.  Thankfully, baby wasn't into that idea and I went into labor the day before I was scheduled to be induced.  Not so thankfully came the 33 hrs of labor, 4 1/2 hrs of pushing, two epidurals that totally wore off and a feeling of exhaustion I never thought was possible. 

Our beautiful daughter, Harper Grace, arrived on June 3rd healthy, happy and with a full head of hair.  Since she has come into the world our hearts have grown in size and the happiness we feel is truly unexplainable.  Having my little girl is hands down the best thing I've ever done in my life.

At 9 months pregnant I had high hopes and dreams of continuing my blog and writing in real time about all the magical experiences I was having welcoming my daughter into the world.  Yea that didn't happen.  I had a hell of a time recovering, adjusting to my new body, learning how to parent, figuring out my new partnership with my husband and feeling some serious guilt about how upset my dog was at the fact that no one consulted her on this big life change.  So needless to say, blogging (and honestly showering sometimes) was last on my list of things to think about for the day.

But now I'm back!  I quit my full time corporate job of 8 years - for many reasons - but mostly to reduce stress and have more time being present with my growing little lady while I also get to be in a new dream job helping other WAY more established, credible and inspirational bloggers do what they do best.  I'm excited for this new chapter and look forward to jumping back in to blogging myself here and there and sharing the fun, scary, hilarious and sometimes serious adventures of this #newmomstatus.

I hope you follow along! 



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